Friday, January 30, 2009

Makeup Application

Isn't it amazing how us girls apply makeup the same way? It comes to my mind because this morning on my way into work, as I rode the train, I sat across from a girl who was applying her makeup. Trying not to stare but too fascinated not to watch ( carefully sneaked peaks ) I proceeded to analyze her makeup application.

First she applied foundation. To me there are 2 ways to do it, with your fingers ( her preference ) or a makeup sponge ( my preference - however I very rarely wear foundation makes me breakout ) The finger method to me can't possibly be the better way. How can you get an even application? Not to mention when on a train how clean can your hands be after touching all the gross things your hands touch in a dirty train station.

Second came the liquid eyeliner. I must say she did a great job considering the movement of the train. However I was confused as to why she used 2 different types of liquid liner. Both black. I think it's in our DNA, we can't just have 1 of something we have to have several of the same exact thing and usually in a similar shade, shape, fit.

Third came the mascara again 2 different brands but the same color were used in the application. My real reason for this post is the way the mascara was applied (as was the liquid eyeliner), why is it when applying these most necessary products in the makeup process that we can only apply it with our mouths wide open? You know you do, I know I do. Just thinking about applying it makes my mouth hang open.

Now tomorrow when you apply your eyeliner and mascara as much as you try your mouth will be open, it's nature.



marnie vollenhals said...

My mouth is always open!

jenjen said...

That's so funny. It's true - we all open our mouths when we are applying our mascara. I agree with you about her applying her makeup with her fingers -- ewww grossss!


Tiddly Inks said...

Totally picturing this happening. LOL