Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Cozy Saturday Night

Right now I'm spending a cozy Sat night with the puppers cuddling in bed and watching my first place on HGTV. Matt and Joe are watching football in the living room.

We had a fun day exploring our soon to be new town/home Tinton Falls NJ. I can't wait to move in, start painting and decorating. I went to WalMart for the first time today. I had fun exploring and picking up a few things here and there. We also went to Home Goods. It's a store you need alot of time to search for those great finds and deals that they have. You can't be rushed. Joe is good he likes to shop but dragging a 12 year old around a home decor store is not his idea of fun. So alas I will have to go back and really take time to find some buried treasures.

Other than that it was a pretty quiet Sat which is just fine with me. Joe made some yummy chicken soup for dinner - perfect on a cold day. I'm so lucky have him to cook for me. A chef I am not. Baker yes, chef NO.

I have some watercolor paintings to share once I get a new printer (tomorrow I hope) to scan them. I'm really enjoying working with watercolor.

Off to make some tea.


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