Friday, August 29, 2008

The Design Vine

I was invited by a awesome customer of mine to join a site called The Design Vine It's a community forum made up of both etsy and ebay sellers as well as buyers. A nice place to chat meet new online friends and find some unique little pretties!

Oh and I know I'm a bad blogger. I've been really busy with customs and creating some new stuff to list on etsy and ebay for fall. I've been trying to send out newsletter updates when I list and post new stuff so if you aren't a member of my mailing list email me and I will add you.

It's the memorial day weekend Joe, Zoey (the cutest pug in the world) and I will be relaxing, stuffing our faces with yummy food at my in-laws and just having a good in general. I'm going to try and squeeze some painting in which shouldn't be too hard.

I hope everyone gets to take a step back and enjoy!