Monday, September 22, 2008

HERO'S IS BACK!!!!!!!!

I just love love love the show Hero's and it's finally back! 3 hour show too! It doesn't get better than that. Do you ever wonder if you could posses a super power what you would choose? I think I would choose invisability. I could be the fly on that wall in those moments when you want to be the fly on that wall. Know what I mean? However flying and having super strenght would be pretty cool too.

I had a productive weekend. I finished most of my orders and work on a few new projects. I have quite a few floating in my head just screaming to get out. Here are 2 I finished....

Gingerbread plaque available at EmilyGraceArt 12.00

And new at BedknobsnBroomsticks Personalized name plaques. I made this one for my cousin Jude and I have one in the works for my other cousin little Lucy. I can paint any design you like just email me for a custom

Back to watching Hero's!

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Tutu Cute and Moore! said...

I love your new personalized plaques. Every child needs one of these for their room!