Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ohhh so HOT!

If you live on the east coast then you know we are in a bit of a heat wave at the moment. It so hot you can cut the air with a knife. This is what I hate about summer that and it makes for a terrible hair day LOL.

I makes you want to do nothing. I feel very lazy right now. I hope it lets up soon they say one more day like this. Don't you ever wonder who "they" is when someone makes that statement?

I had a buzy weekend that I feel like I had no weekend at all. Most of it was spent at ikea buying and returning (I'll leave it at that) It makes me mad just thinking about it. Let's just say I bought a beautiful bookcase (in the end) but it wasn't in the right area for purchase and I ended up bringing home the wrong piece......

In all that chaos I did get to finish this adorable frame for Emily Grace Art You can buy it here I choose to personalized it with the word "Princess" after all aren't all girls Princesses? If you prefer a childs name or other phrase I can do that too. This one is ready to ship to you and your princess. I'm off to try and cool down.

Stay cool!

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