Saturday, March 7, 2009

2 More Weeks!

2 more weeks and Joe and I close on our new home. I'm so excited I could scream. I not however thrilled about packing. For the past week we've been packing here and there trying to get a head start. Slowly we are loosing space in our apartment. There are boxes every where! Today I tried to clean out one of our storage closets. I really, really thought I would be able to toss a lot of stuff.

Well I thought wrong. I'm a huge classic pooh fan and in my early 20's I collected A lot I mean A LOT of classic pooh chotchkie's. I didn't realize a lot of my chotchkie's are collectables. Well know names like..Lenox, bradford exchange, Disney store figures - snow globes. Aah to be 20 something again living at home not paying rent. I think now I would have bought less and saved more. So my point is I couldn't throw them away. They got re-packed and will be moving along with me. I did throw a few odds and ends that were junk so I felt a little better. At least I know if and when I have a baby they will have a well dressed nursery.

Tomorrow I tackle the other storage closet we have. This has a ton of crap in it mostly my Christmas decorations a lot of which are ready for the old dumpster. I ready to do the old heave ho to anything that is broken, cheap looking and just plain useless. I really want to try to be a minimalist? to an extent. However I know I'm a bit of a pack rat. I have to work on that.

Happy Cleaning. Oh don't forget to turn you clocks ahead. I love that spring is coming but I do hate loosing that extra hour.


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Bri said...

Good luck with the move! Not my favorite thing ever, but it does give you a chance to re-evaluate.