Monday, April 7, 2008

My Trip to Ikea

So Saturday Joe and I made a trip to Ikea. I know on a weekend I must be crazy. I promised myself I wouldn't get frustrated with the crowds of people wandering aimlessly. I just can't understand a family of 20 all going to look at a coffee table.? I guess it's me LOL.

I kept my patience in check and ended up with a few good finds. We got a new pot for pasta, some picture frames that I want to put black and white pictures of zoey and the boys in. I want to put them i our living room. We don't have any pictures or art in there yet.

We also picked up a new lamp for Chris' room and a night stand for his room (pictured below)

My mom is coming for 2-3 weeks in May so I'm trying to make some order of his room. Next is to fumigate it LOL