Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tissues, Tea and even some art

How is it you can feel absolutely fantastic one day and POW the next day you have a full blown cold? This weekend I was pretty much laid up in bed. It started on Thursday with a slight dry throat (not soar just dry) I fought it saying nah I'm not getting sick. Friday came, I went to work and as the day wore on I got tired and the dry cough / throat got worse. I get home from work I'm achy, chilly one minute, hot the next. I'm off to bed.

I roll over Saturday morning and finally gave in I'M SICK (yuck). So I sleep all day, drink lots of tea and juice, and cuddle with the pooch. Other than being sick not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

Today I feel a lot better, still tired, a little nausea here and there and slightly stuffy but all in all better. I have to say if you get sick use Zicam. It works wonders. Cuts the cold in half just like it says. I use the gel swabs for the nose great stuff.

Oh I got my work issued laptop on Friday! I'm so happy right, I tried it this weekend and of course because I want it to work, it doesn't. I can't remote to my desk top at work. Now I have to lug this back to work and fight nicely with the IT guys that it's not me, it's the computer. I hope it gets resolved so I can utilize it when I need it.

Now for some fun stuff, although I was sick I did get to work on some new stuff for the shop. We have a cupcake wall sign, Mushroom townhouse, and cupcake magnets. All available in the The Shop

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Belua Designs said...

I love the mushroom townhouse!!! so cute :)