Wednesday, February 11, 2009

3 More Months...

I just realized the other day I'm 3 months away from my Wedding! I can easily say I'm not your typical Bride. I barely talk about my wedding to friends and co-workers. Family here and there. It's going to be small. We originally were going to Key West however with buying the house now thrown in the middle and the cost of airfare, Joe and I are now getting married here in NJ at our favorite Italian restaurant. My mom and sis will be flying up from FLA. The rest of my family is here brother, cousins, aunts and so on. I hope my Aunt, Uncle and cousins in SC can make it but I know the expense might be much PLUS my cousin Nicole is getting married herself in June.

Honestly I wasn't that little girl who dreamed of her wedding day so I guess that's why I feel it's not big deal and since Joe and I lived together it's like we are married already. Don't get me wrong I am looking forward to it mostly to see all my family and friends together.

I just ordered my invitations yesterday I hope I'm not sending these out too late. Should they have been in the mail already? Oh well. I don't have much left to do but get a tiara ( it will make my future-MIL happy ) shoes, gifts for my sister and niece and a new suit for Joe.



Sylvia C. said...

You are right, you are not a typical bride, because I did not even realize you were getting married!

I hope you have fun with the final preparations.

I wasn't a typical bride, either, (I don't like weddings!) but it was still fun.


Sylvia C.

Amariah said...

Congrats and good luck with the wedding!